Need of Data Encryption in now days

Published: 15th October 2008
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Because of the globalization, now days most of the financial transactions and personal information is transferred on the internet. Because of this process data encryption is become a necessary part for effective computer security system. We sent all sensitive information via internet and because of this we need to secure our data and which in turn we need data encryption. By using a computer it become a difficult task to secure our personal information. Whenever you are sending your sensitive information on the net, it can be easily viewable for anyone who wants to see that information.

When we are sending the data on the net it goes first to our near local network. The people who are living in the same area are uses the same network. Then data will goes to the internet service provider (ISP) who in turn can see the data which we are sending on net. Then our data reaches through different way to the ISP of receivers and finally it received by the party where we desired. Many people can see our data in this process. Now you can guess that why data encryption system is needed.

You may be thinking that your computer is protected by the router which is operating backend. Be sure and secure. The reason why data encryption is needed because one of the another device like laptop can be plugged in using the same home internet network. Because of this your computer can be infected.

The use of internet services at hotels, coffee shops, etc. are not too good to secure because of that we need the data encryption. These internet systems are able to protect the customers who are using it outside to that organization but it can't protect from each other i.e. from one customer to other. Anyone who is using the same internet service can view your data while working at same location.

In U.S. data encryption is recognized to compare with a national-security issue. The reason behind is that if you do not secure about your online data, then it's become easily accessible to other and it may be a problem for you or your family or that particular organization. And because of it there may be difficulty to function competitively and dominantly in the global market.

Data encryption is needed for the working of better security system. Data encryption programs make your data password protected because of that you can control on the access of data. Basically there are two types of these security systems hardware version and software version. Both of these have some advantages and disadvantages respectively. You can choose one of from these which is helpful to protect you and your personal information.

If you are using the personal information in large amount on net then you must protect yourself from the access of your information by unauthorized persons. Because of this data encryption is needed to you, your family and your organization.

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